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Protect your jewellery

Protect your jewellery

All our ZaZaculture jewellery is precious made from 24k gold plate with a Polished Brass Base. 18k Rose Gold Plate Polished Brass Base and Sterling Silver.

Please store in your linen bag and keep in a dry place while not wearing your ZaZaculture jewellery.

Cleaning your plated jewelry:

Although gold plated jewelry will not tarnish it will get dirty protect your layer of gold and extend its shine by periodically cleaning each piece and avoiding substances that aren’t pH neutral we recommend removing your jewelry when bathing and fresh water,seawater and chlorinated water avoid spraying perfume is or applying creams directly to the jewellery. 

Even if you are sure your jewellery hasn’t been exposed to any bad  substances it has been in contact with your skin which does perspire. Therefore it needs cleaning with an oil free cloth.