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About ZaZaCulture

Being born and raised in India, England, and Japan before returning to her native Holland at 13, Franciska had already mastered five languages by the age of 21. Her extensive travels and previous career as an international model and fashion photographer have shaped her unique perspective, inspiring the design ethos of Zaza Culture. The diverse array of jewellery pieces she has amassed over two decades spans from the fashion hubs of Milan, Paris, and New York to the rich ethnic tapestries of Greece, Mexico, Morocco, and Asia, culminating in her time in Byron Bay, Australia, where she first introduced her collections.


Franciska's jewellery compilations represent a fusion of her most cherished global finds, each piece imbued with a story that reflects her personal journey. The name Zaza pays homage to her daughter, while the cultural influences she has encountered since a young age contribute to the essence of Zaza Culture, crafted with love and significance drawn from the rich histories and timeless styles of each culture.


Adorning oneself with Zaza Culture jewellery evokes feelings of luck, protection, health, and prosperity, with select pieces blessed by monks to amplify their symbolic significance. Zaza Culture now graces prestigious boutique shelves in London, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Byron Bay. Beyond the timeless classics and signature pieces, Franciska's collections are tailored to each store, reflecting their unique aesthetics and clientele.


Franciska cordially invites you to explore her beloved handcrafted collections, available both in-store and online!