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About ZaZaCulture

Being born and growing up in India, England and Japan then returning to her native Holland when she was 13, before setting off on her life journey, saw her speaking five different languages at 21 years of age.

Franciska’s travels and earlier career as a international model and fashion photographer have taken her on an amazing global journey that inspires the uniqueness in Zaza Culture design. The contrast in jewellery pieces she’s collected over the last 20 years continues from the fashion capital cities of Milan, Paris, New York to the enriched ethnic cultures of Greece, Mexico, Morrocco throughout Asia and to living in Byron Bay, Australia where her first collection were designed and sold.

Franciska’s jewellery collections are a melting pot of all her favourite things she’s collected from around the world and the journey continues……The name Zaza, is after her daughter, and Culture from many different one’s she’s been exposed to from a very young age. Zaza Culture is designed with love and meaning to each piece, by the taste, history and timeless fashion she’s personally experienced from each culture.

Wearing Zaza Culture jewellery gives you a sense of good luck, protection, health and fortune and with some of the one off pieces blessed by the monks to enhance their real life meaning.

Zaza Culture now sells in famous boutique shops in London, Amsterdam, Sydney and Byron Bay. Apart from the classics and signature pieces, her collections are unique to each store, their look and clientel.

Franciska invites you to view her loved handcrafted collections she has available now, instore and online!