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| Dec 02 2020

Rose Gold The God Of Sun Coin on Fine 18 Inch Rose Gold Necklace.

Rose Gold

The Rose Gold God Of Sun Coin looks great on a 18K Rose Gold 18 Inch Fine Necklace.

It is also available on a natural Hemp Cord Worn By Both Men and Woman.

The Rose Gold Coin Has a brass base dipped in 18k Rose Gold.

It feels great to wear. In any season of the year. It looks great with a white shirt or even worn on a polo neck sweater.

Zazaculture has a great range of coins and amulets that stay fashionable all year. In 24K Gold,18K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver.

I remember my mother wearing a big Gold Coin on her necklace growing up and it was allways my most favourite.

All Coins are for Goodluck, and Protection. Enjoy!!